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The Story Of Children and Youth First – Haushala Thapa and Amanda Brown

Youngsters and Youth First's originator Haushala Thapa and official president Amanda Brown exhibited a joint TEDx Talk in Lancaster (USA) where they touched upon marvels, associations and pushing the limits. The discussion which has been titled 'Unforeseen Connections: A Change and Miracle' was conveyed in September this year. 

To watch this video was exceptionally promising. Having met Haushala first in 2011 however just really investing more energy and becoming acquainted with Children and Youth First – as an association and the group of kids there – amid this years Tracing Nepal encounter, I am so unimaginably appreciative for the move that Haushala made at a youthful age. The lives that she has changed, the lives that she and her companions – now group – have changed is something I can't exactly express in words. The kids, brimming with magnetism, identity and interest give me trust that they will go onto make something out of themselves. 

Before I occupy you facilitate, kindly do see the video. A brilliant joint converse with such a stunning consummation. Following Nepal 2016 had an amazing time at Children and Youth First and we are especially anticipating Tracing Nepal 2017 at CYF. On that note, we additionally have a CYF overhaul soon through Tracing Nepal. 

Glad Viewing – and in the event that you delighted in the watch then please give it a share as well.

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